Teaser Cryo Treatment
at -110 °C
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Whole body cryotherapy in cryo-chamber for treating chronic pains

We shall only deal here with the clinical condition “chronic pain” only as far as has already been done in preceding sections regarding other diseases. The various pains and pain syndromes that can be treated with whole body cryotherapy are listed in figure 4.7.

As we have already seen in section 3.2 of the book (pain inhibition), chronic pains can not be understood in the same way as acute pain only as a symptom, e.g. of an inflammatory process. They can last for months and even years, can become autonomous, can coincide with the formation of a pain memory and can be the cause of additional health problems. Such sequelae then frequently express themselves chronically as disrupted sleep, depressive reactions, loss in quality of life and problems with social relationships.

The spectrum of causes underlying chronic pain is very large and ranges from severe organic diseases, inadequate pain treatment to psychosocial factors. Often several causes combine to bring about a chronic pain state. That is also one of the reasons why it is only rarely possible to treat chronic pain successfully with a single therapy. As a rule only a complex therapeutic approach that sufficiently takes into account the causes and alongside pharmaceutical approaches also includes physical therapies, mobilization therapies for building up physical activity, and techniques for pain and stress coping can bring about the desired goal (see also figure 3.5 in book).

Fig. 4.7 Chronic pains as an indication for whole body cryotherapy

Pain denotation Notes

Primary headaches

Tension headache
Cluster headache
Cervicogenic headache

Medication-induced headache
Combination headache (tension headache and migraine)

Therapy is indicated. Counter irritation.
Reserve judgment with anamnestic signs of a cold-reactive pain reinforcement. Interruption with cold incompatibility or pain reinforcement. Combination with relaxation exercises is advisory, endurance exercises/sport with migraine.
If pain reinforcement occurs directly in response to cold further diagnostics are advised!
Cluster headache: cold preferred with secondary chronic cluster headache. No whole body cryotherapy for cluster affliction and migraine attack.
For medication-induced headache medications should be stopped before the cold application.
No headache treatment by whole body cold application without medical supervision! Cold therapy for prophylactic reasons may be useful.

Back pains without organic findings

Counter-irritation. Muscle detoning.
Combination with active mobilization therapy programs.

Pains after operations on the postural and locomotory apparatus

Restriction of the inflammatory processes. 
Improvement in mobility.

Phantom and stump pains

Counterirritation possible. The stump does not have to be exposed directly to the cold action.

Primary osteoporosis

Pain treatment and improvement in mobility are primary aspects. Check that the patient has a secure gait in the cryochamber! Do not permit excessive burdening after pain reduction!
Secondary osteoporosis is frequently the results of inflammatory-rheumatic diseases, for cold treatment see there.

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