Teaser Cryo Treatment
at -110 °C
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Whole body cryotherapy in cryo-chamber for treating primary hypotonic circulatory disorders

Primary hypotension can be treated with physical measures very well, although secondary hypotension, e.g. resulting from inadequate cardiac performance, must be excluded as a cause. The unpleasant symptoms of hypotension, such as general weakness and apathy, fatigue and dizziness, especially when changing body position and with high ambient temperatures, are caused by an inefficient distribution of blood that is normally available in sufficient amounts. The inadequate venous tone leads to blood accumulation in the legs and the pelvic and gastric areas. The systolic blood pressure falls and the diastolic pressure increases. Brain perfusion is reduced so that the abovementioned symptoms occur.

Regular cold stimuli that lead to vasoconstriction bring about a training effect on the mainly venous blood vessels that are affected by the cold and contribute to bringing about a normal distribution of blood. The cold stimuli must be dosed appropriately so that the blood vessels have sufficient time to react and adapt. With an overdose of cold there is a risk that the vessels become habituated or “accustomed” to the cold stimulus so that they no longer respond with a constriction. Blood pressure must be checked before and after the application of cold. Since the cryovascular training must be continued over several weeks, it makes sense to introduce treatment with a one to two week whole body cryotherapy, and as far as possible alternating with heat applications, and then afterwards to continue with resolute thalassotherapeutic applications, baths and gushes. A suitable exercising regime can also complement the program (activation of “muscle pumps” for large leg veins, respiratory gymnastics).

For further useful information about whole-body cryotherapy at -110 ° C, and the mechanisms of action, we recommend the book "The Power of the Cold" by Prof. Dr. sc med Winfried Papenfuss, published by Edition K Wolfsegg. Large parts of the content of this website were taken from this book. 

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